Finding balance... an extremely challenging, yet key component to this beautiful life. 

I am most often queen captain of setting goals that I am going to rock with my whole heart. BUT THEN, I try to keep up at the same pace with everything else that I have in my life. There are many things that I love about big goals: the sense of focus/determination it creates, the empowerment of making something new happen, the work and grit, the strength, and the growth. However, what can't be pushed aside is the fact that when we addin a major goal something has got to give (we can add in as many goals as we want, and we still only have 24 hours a day to work at bringing them to life). 

This is the part that I have always struggled with. What is going to be the part that gives?  When I have trained full force to achieve a race time or build my endurance for an ironman, I have often gone through periods where I become so un-present in many areas of my life. I am constantly thinking where I have to be or what I have to be doing next, causing my present moments to in reality pass me by. 

After ironman in July I took a big break from training as I wanted to rediscover balance in my life. I wanted to take in moments without worrying about what workout I should be doing or preparing for. I then realized having a physical goal to train towards is part of what brings me joy. I needed to bring it back into my world; it needed to be a part of my balance. I also knew that there was a lot about slowing down that was bringing me joy. For example: sleep, puppy cuddles, weekend time with friends, workouts rooted in fun, and not feeling rushed 24/7. In my time off I came to appreciate *and remember* these joyful components of my life, and realized that I no longer want them to be lost in a big goal I set. 

This year I am pumped to crush the Calgary 1/2 marathon, my first tough mudder, the Calgary 1/2 ironman, and the Edmonton marathon. What's different about my training this year than before? I am giving myself permission to participate in these amazing events and not necessarily "show myself what I am capable of." No, this does not mean I am going to show up and not try. Nor does it mean I am going to slack in the training department. What it does mean is that I have made the choice to be the best athlete that I can be without compromising other joyful areas of my life.

So. What is going to give for me this race season with these goals? Well my #1 goal this year is PURE joy, so what will not give is that. It might not be a season of personal bests or new achievements, but it is going to be a season of A LOT of fun and A LOT of love. Maybe I'll catch that 6:05:00 1/2 ironman time... but hey, maybe I won't. And I have decided THAT is okay. 

I have been feeling pumped about starting to find that balance piece in my life, and it is extremely rad and beautiful! I wish I had an exact answer, solution, or equation to finding balance (wouldn't that be nice)? What I do have is my reflections and experiences to share. I think what I am learning is that the best way to find balance is to keep your life open and available to the things that bring you PURE joy.

DO A LOT of what makes you PUMPED!! If its achieving personal bests - make it HAPPEN! If it is cooking - chef away!! If it is family time - make more time!!! Get out there and enjoy the JOY of this lifetime. 

LIFE ROCKS!! #rockon 

Krissie Eberhart 2018 Balm Squad Member

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