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Ready to start training for your full or half marathon?

Life Rocks Fitness Online Group Training Program is designed to maximize your time and efforts, decrease injuries and all around ROCK the Calgary half or full Marathon - May 25th, 2019.

Training starts March 4th!

  • Are you looking for a structured program to get you back on track and up your fitness this spring?

  • Thinking about a half or full marathon

  • Want a smart and efficient plan to follow with an experienced coach and the support of other people just like you?

Dr. Syl Corbett

Dr. Syl Corbett


The Life Rocks Online Group Training Program has been created for enthusiastic goal-driven athletes by the one and only Dr. Syl Corbett. Dr. Syl has years of experience coaching athletes of all levels. From recreational athletes to Olympians, numerous individuals have achieved their personal bests with her guidance.

Group training is a phenomenal way to boost your motivation and performance. For the first time, we are now offering group training online. Dr. Syl understands that you are motivated to do the work - but are just looking for a plan and coach to guide you. In this group, we will guide you to that PR, PLUS you will be supported along the way by a passionate coach and others in the group to keep you accountable.

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  • 12-week online training program to peak for the Calgary Marathon May 26th

  • 4-5 workouts a week to complete on your own time

  • The online program will be delivered to you by google docs.

  • Exclusive Facebook Group to ask questions, coordinate training runs, share high fives.

  • Limited room available

  • $149/12 weeks if you sign up before February 28th.  $169/after February 28th.

Are you looking for personalized coaching with Dr. Syl for your event? Please apply here.

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