The dirt on our founder… 

Right from day 1, Syl had an infectious energy about her. Since taking her first steps as a child, she's been on the run!

Syl Corbett   DC, PhD. Scientist, Coach & Athlete

Syl Corbett

DC, PhD. Scientist, Coach & Athlete

Syl found athletics to be the staple in her life. It was her undying passion and the fuel she thrived on. Syl has never relented and is forever driven by her belief in boundless human potential, especially through athletics. Syl was involved in many sports growing up, but gravitated towards the freedom of solo pursuits. She competed on the World Cup and in numerous World Championships in triathlon, duathlon, mountain running, snowshoeing, marathons, etc. Syl shares her passion and knowledge as a private consultant to many professional athletes in hockey, running, triathlon, cycling, speed skating, and halfpipe skiing. 

Syl is also an academic having both clinical and research doctorates. Her primary research involves examining brain and functional changes with exercise.

Syl is constantly asking questions, including ‘how can this be better?’ Luckily for athletes, weekend warriors and anyone interested in health & fitness, she was wondering about improving her recovery. Dr. Corbett would typically have to take about 4 days between quality sessions and this was despite excellent nutrition and sleep. She wondered what else could be done besides ice baths (she has an aversion to freezing!), taking anti-inflammatories (she prefers not to take meds), or getting daily massages. "Is there not an old remedy out there that works?" What started out as a selfish pursuit, morphed into what is now Rock On Athletic Balm. 

As a researcher, she knew the answers were out there, she just had to find them. In her search she found all kinds of herbs, potions, poultices, etc. and spent hours formulating different concoctions and lathering in them after workouts. There were no dramatic changes, other than turning her skin different shades of red, orange and brown. 

Serendipitously, Syl met a fellow that was involved in studying a particular clay in British Columbia (BC). From previous research, she knew about the high mineral content and powerful absorptive capacities of some clays. The clay in BC is cherished and has been used for years for myriad health conditions, Syl decided to start experimenting. She gathered  samples of the clay from around the world and started formulating and testing different mixtures. 

Perhaps biased in what she had heard about the clay from BC, Syl started testing it against the other clays. Not only was it easier to work with because of its fine grain, it seemed to penetrate far better than anything that she had ever tried. She was using it after her workouts and before going to bed and was noticing a dramatic improvement in her recovery, not to mention it quickly healing scratches and bruises that seem to go along with intense physical training. 

It took Syl countless hours in the lab to get the formulations perfected, but it was worth it. She shared samples with athletes she worked with and they kept coming back for more. She put a little batch into production & as they say, the rest is history. Rock On Athletic Balm was born and continues to grow. Syl sends a huge thanks to all the athletes that encouraged her to keep it Rockin'!